The Filipino Fellowship started year 2000 during typhoon 8 in Hong Kong, During that time it was the Evangelistic Sunday of Fairview Park Alliance Church but then no one came due to the said weather. They invited the Filipino Domestic Helpers who are outside the Kindergarten premises and able to share to them the Gospel and they received Jesus as Lord and Savior. To continue the follow up, they provided an interpreter for them to be able to understand what the preacher preaches. As some returned still they did not stop in accommodating them until such time they were able to provide place to gather and a Filipino Missionary Pastor in the person of Rev. and Mrs. Primo and Vilma Matab was provided to take care the ministry among Filipinos and followed by Miss Lucila Jingco. The Filipino Worship then became a congregation and they worship at Bethel High School. Since the Fairview Park Alliance Church is growing, they open up an extension church in Palm Springs and one of their vision and mission is to have the FILIPINO FELLOWSHIP have its place of worship. So we move to Palm Springs last 2012 of April. We are blessed because God provided a spacious place for us to enjoy not only for worship but a place like home where there are Bible studies, inter-actions, prayer meetings , chatting, place where we cook our food and enjoy the fellowship as a family away from home.